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January 26, 2012

It is a license to carry not a license to kill.

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I’ve said the above several times in real life, figured I might as well say it on the blog.

Kevin has a post addressing the topic.

You have a right to personal defense, NOT a right to kill..

Oh, and ProArms Podcast #67 is a good reference. My favorite part was when the guest speaker was talking about the first time he took a class by Mas Ayoob and was shocked that good money was paid out to be told how much trouble you can get into for shooting someone even in self-defense.


January 5, 2012

Advice for traveling

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The places are interesting, but it’s the people that matter.
Clint1911/Ambivalent Skeptic

June 11, 2011

Like a gun, a word is neither good nor bad.

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Like a gun, a word is neither good nor bad.

It only matters how you use it.

Breda shared a nice moment from a friendly gathering.

Short story, the comments had a confused one mistaking an in-joke and claiming [paraphrased] “I thought you hated that word!!!!”

It is best not to make assumptions, unless you can see past the obvious.

Just because people do not like how a thing is used does NOT mean they not like like the thing.

I recommend everyone read up on Logical Fallacies if you plan on hanging out on the internet for long.  (Especially if you plan to correct others)


June 8, 2011

Steampunk’s appeal

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George Hill had question about Steampunk. My “quick” answer went a little long, but while I cannot explain everyone desires I can offer an opinion of the basic appeal of the Steam Punk genre.

If you could choose, What kind of world would you want to live in?


A key idea behind Steampunk is asking What if we had today’s understanding of physics then?

One of the reasons for steampunk’s appeal is that so much sci-fi is getting lame. Psychic powers and gizmos and computers (magic and talismans and oracles) have turned too much science fiction in to Fantasy in Outer Space. Seems everyone is trying to trump the Jedi concept, even the guy who made the Jedi concept.

The drama grows false. If you put the characters into an impossible situation, just miracle them out! Only, the answer was always there, it’s just that we, the audience, didn’t know about it.

Give us a world where the heroes win by their guts and wits, not by gadgets and spoon fed answers.

Where the problems happen in real life, that we can directly relate to, and where the solutions are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

What’s the appeal?

It’s a bit like the appeal of the 1911.

Metal, not plastic. Science and tech in your hand but without computers. Old world charm and class, not built for the lowest common denominator or production efficiency, but still functional and highly effective.

You can make it yourself, you can fix it yourself; no bankrupt mentality of if it breaks you throw it out and by a new one from some factory.

The clothes of steampunk? They show a self-respect. You take time and care to dress yourself. You suggest rather than flaunt. Or you suggest a lot and flaunt a little. (Or you suggest that you like to flaunt, when the time is right…)

What if we could have yesteryear’s ethic but without societies bigotries? No discrimination but no political correctness either?

Men could be men and women could be women, and no one was blamed or held back for it?

Most people want to be normal but they also need to be independent and unique.

Sometimes you can’t do that enough in the modern world.

Would you like step into that other world?

As for the cosplayers? Maybe they just like to dress it up.

May 15, 2011

Opinion vs facts

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No matter how many facts your option is based on, it is still an opinion.

April 25, 2011

Collectivist Mindset

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The phase “and the skill to use it” is so very telling. It is a microcosm of the collectivist mindset.

In a world where everyone has a gun, only a few will have the skill to use it.

Col. Cooper famously said:

“You are no more armed because you own a gun than you are a musician because you own a piano. The instrument is not the answer; the skill to use the instrument is the answer.”

This is advice that proves invaluable to pro-gun individualists yet it must seem terrifying to an anti-gun collectivist. (Note TWO distinctions)

Lamenting: “and the skill to use it.”

This reveals a “passive” approach to life. While the individualists will work hard to overcome an unpleasant aspect in life, the collectivist wonders “Why should I be bothered?” They believe that it is easier to simply hold everyone back than to obligate one half to keep up with the other half.

And they believe in a “social liberty” where no one has to worry.

I can sympathize, and I think most individualists can too. How often, as individuals, have we been held back or worse, had our efforts ruined or workload doubled all because of some fool insisting on his way.

Collectivism seems a downward spiral. As an individualist, I want to excel at what I’m good at doing and enjoy my personal activities without restriction on myself or others. If no one holds me back, I’ll hold no one else back.

I dislike be held back by an arbitrary system of rules. Rules to prevent morons and fools from making mistakes. But then there are those of us who double check, make sure, and then proceed after we understand our impending actions and their consequences.

Nope! Sorry, can’t do that. You might not know what you are doing!


The individualists resent the nanny-state. The great irony is the collectivists, once held-back by over-protective rules that don’t work, reveal in the call for MORE collectivism.

“Every one should be held-back equally!”

If they can’t excel, then nobody should excel. If they can’t be great let no one be great. No more keeping up with the Jones’s. The Jones’s now keep pace with you.

The victims of bullies become what they hate most. Bullies disrupt harmless people for going about there business. To stop some bullies heavily infringing on a few, everyone “bullies” everyone else “just a little” to prevent their being impeded more that anyone else.

They don’t even realize it.

March 7, 2011


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You do NOT have a right NOT to be offended.

You do not have a right to have anything that may or may not offend you removed from your path so you don’t have to bother with it.

You do NOT have the right to expect other people to go out of their way based on on what YOU may or may not approve of.

So that nice gay couple holding hands as they walk down the street….

If that bothers you…


If you can’t handle the sight of harmless things just because you don’t like them then you need to…

Harden up.

Likewise you do NOT have a right to “feel safe.”

You do not have the right to expect other people to go out of their way to provide you a “safe” environment or keep random people from harming you.

(You CAN expect people to NOT go out of their way to harm you but that is fundamentally different.)

You are responsible for your own safety!

You are only as safe as YOU make YOURSELF to be.

And if you are too good to put your own effort into YOUR safety, then you have NO right to expect other people do put effort into YOUR safety.

If you cannot handle the idea of being an adult and taking responsibility for yourself, your life and (by implication) your own safety then you need to…

Harden up.

March 5, 2011

People can disagree

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I want everyone to know that
People can disagree with your ideas without attacking your ideas, and
People can attack your ideas with out attacking you.

February 23, 2011

It’s called “punking” for a reason

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Because “punks” (criminals, in this case) like to play/trick/con their victims.

Jay G. has a news story of a guy who robbed a gun store….

with an unloaded gun….

The perp even survived!

I commented there but it’s something I’ve been wanting to share for awhile. So in response to the universal question, was he stupid:

Not dumb per se, more of an attitude thing (mixed with desperation)..

Stay with me here for a moment. See, human beings have a inherent mental flaw. We ALL think that everyone (yes, everyone) thinks exactly like we do BY DEFAULT! It is only if we are taught differently that we understand otherwise. Frankly some people never learn or else they “know” but they never act on said knowledge. This is why the more asinine a person’s ideas are the more he expects you to agree with them. Like gun control…

Now, watch the first few minutes of the movie The Crow. It’s fiction but it has a very realistic portrayal of criminal behavior. The thugs have a pissing contest and long story short, they “bluff” each other with their guns. It’s similar to dogs growling at each other for dominance. There is a large amount of “facing off” and looking dominant prevents people from challenging your dominance.

So if you have a low level thug who “gets by” via bluffing, well his ignorant ass will naturally believe that a gun in plain sight is a bluff. A way to look tough so no one messes with ya’.

Thus, the store clerk with an openly carried gun? All for show, he’ll never reach for it. I mean, NO ONE is going to call a buff when you have YOUR gun pointed at them. Right?? Bueller? Bueller?

BTW, this explains why some thugs are so very violent to compliant or unassuming victims. After all, the less a threat you are, the less the other person needs to hurt you (right??) To avoid being threatening, the victims look weak. So they are treated as the weak are treated in that morally bankrupt culture; savagely. In short, the easier it is to hit you the harder they hit you.

Yes, violent criminals are really just bullies with guns.

February 18, 2011

I’ve come to learn

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That one of the Greatest, if not the Greatest, skills to learn in life is how to effectively and honestly praise others.

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