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June 3, 2011

Gun culture is for the old, but more for the young

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Fellow NE Ohio gunblogger Breda has a post up about the, well, I’ll let her words describe it.

I was going to comment on her blog but it morphed. so here it is.

Breda said:
“This is about whether or not potential new women shooters could possibly be put off by the “boys’ club” mentality of the gun culture.”

Actually I find the insular nature of gun culture is more about the people over 50 making gun culture more comfortable for people over 50 at the expense of the under-30 year old people.

See, the problem is not the passive exclusion of the under-30 crowd, it that the under-30 people are ANNOYED by the crap the 50+ guys do because they think is is “clever” or “with it”.

Think of it like country music.
Is you like country music, then you really, really like it. AND EVERYONE ONE ELSE HATES IT! IT IS LIKE READING CRAP PEOPLE TYPE IN all CAPS. (sorry, but I hope I made the point well)

You might like doing it, but no one else does.

I like John Wayne. But he’s dead; Get, Over, It.

Likewise, drop these damn foolish stereotypes. Unless you are actually a cowboy (on a ranch) or you are doing CASS type stuff….

DROP the western-themed and fake-country boy bullshit from your podcast, your blog, your website, your storefront (Hey, there’s an idea) and when you are carrying a gun.

The wannabe cowboy image disgusts people. People we need on our side.

And stop treating people with a “2” in front of their age as an accident waiting to happen or a moron (or both).

People learn responsibility and maturity though example. Be a good one.

And for the record, I’m in my 30’s and I’m the suburbanite son of a West-by-God-Virgina Redneck. (And if you must know, we are both Marines and both college educated)

Back on topic:

You know what Breda and Jeff Cooper have in common? They each became involved in guns, then taught one of their parents to shoot!

If someone is over 50 and not into guns, the bad news is we, as strangers, cannot reach them. If they are going to join gun culture, it is going to be via their kids 999 times out of 1000. The good news is we can reach the new generation, and they bring their families.

All the more reason we need make gun culture more appealing to the under-30 demographic.

February 23, 2011

It’s called “punking” for a reason

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Because “punks” (criminals, in this case) like to play/trick/con their victims.

Jay G. has a news story of a guy who robbed a gun store….

with an unloaded gun….

The perp even survived!

I commented there but it’s something I’ve been wanting to share for awhile. So in response to the universal question, was he stupid:

Not dumb per se, more of an attitude thing (mixed with desperation)..

Stay with me here for a moment. See, human beings have a inherent mental flaw. We ALL think that everyone (yes, everyone) thinks exactly like we do BY DEFAULT! It is only if we are taught differently that we understand otherwise. Frankly some people never learn or else they “know” but they never act on said knowledge. This is why the more asinine a person’s ideas are the more he expects you to agree with them. Like gun control…

Now, watch the first few minutes of the movie The Crow. It’s fiction but it has a very realistic portrayal of criminal behavior. The thugs have a pissing contest and long story short, they “bluff” each other with their guns. It’s similar to dogs growling at each other for dominance. There is a large amount of “facing off” and looking dominant prevents people from challenging your dominance.

So if you have a low level thug who “gets by” via bluffing, well his ignorant ass will naturally believe that a gun in plain sight is a bluff. A way to look tough so no one messes with ya’.

Thus, the store clerk with an openly carried gun? All for show, he’ll never reach for it. I mean, NO ONE is going to call a buff when you have YOUR gun pointed at them. Right?? Bueller? Bueller?

BTW, this explains why some thugs are so very violent to compliant or unassuming victims. After all, the less a threat you are, the less the other person needs to hurt you (right??) To avoid being threatening, the victims look weak. So they are treated as the weak are treated in that morally bankrupt culture; savagely. In short, the easier it is to hit you the harder they hit you.

Yes, violent criminals are really just bullies with guns.

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