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December 30, 2011

Finally made it to 100

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In honor of my 100th post, I’ll feature (that other) Clint on malf drills

With the end-of-year festivities upon us, and a new year coming, be sure to keep your gun-handling skills up.

Because every time you hit a milestone, you should review the basics.

Here’s Clint Smith:

Remember, K.I.S.S. Originally meant (in public speaking) Keep It Short and Simple.

Blog or Crash

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In the last two months I’ve been so busy that not only did I not have time to blog, I had little time to READ blogs.

I had way too may Firefox windows and tabs open. Some were blogs I wanted to respond too, others to read with the attention they deserve.

Of course it crashed, and a crap program I installed wanted to open a webpage. It blanked the restore session option.

It’s frustrating.

But, behold, I have a fresh clean slate.

Note to self: Save interesting taps to a “to blog” folder.

December 29, 2011

I’m back!

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When I said “soon” I meant a few days, Not a bloody month.

So I worked like crazy before the holiday, then spent two exhausting days visiting two families, only to turn around and pull a couple of 12 hour shifts. But, what the hell, I’m wage, I’ll take the overtime. Lousy way to get a Christmas bonus though…

It feels odd to write this. See, really good blogs are not just stats and data and “OH look what I found out!” Really good blogs are personal. If you want to learn from the internet you go to a webpage, you go to blogs to learn from people.

That means that a good blog is like a podcast or a talk radio show: It’s a one sided conversation with your audience.

But, I’m new. I don’t have an audience yet, not one I can relate to anyway. But… I’m not gonna to get the audience I want if I act like there is no audience.

Thus, I have to behave like I have a loyal audience to become good enough to have a loyal audience.

Pfft. Enough of that. Here’s Bruce Campbell. (When in doubt, always go with Bruce Campbell.)

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