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August 1, 2011

If you are going to endorse a rifle…use logic

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Elmo Iscariot posted an interesting example of failed logic. Short version: people will justify whatever they want, however they want.

In this case it was the classic: “_____ is better because of a small advantage” while ignoring a large disadvantage.

Remember bias is found in what people do NOT say.

Elmo has a good point; check it out.

WARNING, do NOT read the article Elmo links to. It is horrible and a complete waste of time. I would (almost) show it to students as an example of how not to write (except for the fear it would cost them brain cells.)

My review:

If I wrote and typed that bad I would be embarrassed to put my name to it.

First there is the spacing mistakes, the missing commas, the commas with spaces in front! [facepalm]

Let’s just call them grammar errors and add his confusing “may be” with “maybe.”

He contradicts himself. (States there is no diff between the M1 and M14, but picks one over the other anyway.

He has sentences that do not belong in the paragraphs they are in. (And bad, wannabee-Yoda lead-ups to some of them.)

Uses “of course” and “Many have said” (etc.) when making a point he can’t back up.

Good news: there were footnotes. Bad news: he quoted mostly the same source for most of his points.
Worse news: that source was Boston T Party. Worst news: he quoted the guy so often it felt like reading a rehash of Boston T Party.

Then there is this little gem:
“I restricted the field to the weapons that I thought were the best.”
This is how egomaniacs try, and fail, to look humble.



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