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July 28, 2011

Blogroll update

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Added a few (overdue) names.

Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks
Chasing Freedom

Drop me a line if I’ve meet you. Or if you link to me.

QoTD – George Hill, on why he picked a particular gun.

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“What I didn’t do was search internet gun forums past 3 minutes… because most of those were “Well, I use this so this is the best… no, I’ve not even seen any others, but this is the best because I have it.”” –George Hill, on why he picked a particular gun.

He bought a Rossi M92; because John Moses Browning still designs the best guns…

July 25, 2011

Hunting in PA:Sundays and consequences

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Pennsylvania currently bans hunting. Some want to change that. Yet many farmers, often the people who can benefit most from the ban ending want it to stay.

Snowflakes in Hell has more.

One problem is that many people do not understand consequences nor implications.

With a Sunday hunting ban, and because most people work Monday thru Friday, that compresses hunting to Saturday. So almost everyone who hunts, hunts on Saturday and the woods and fields are full and crowded.

What if you open up Sunday to hunting? Understand that the intuitive answer is different from the logical answer.

Intuitively, people see hunters making the most of non-work days to hunt, which is their passion. Intuitively, people assume that if Sunday was open to hunting it would be just like Saturday.
Just as full, just as crowded.

Logically, we get a different answer. The overall “hunting-days” will increase, but not double. That is because not everyone can spare two days a week to hunt. Only without a Sunday ban, said hunters can choose between one of two days.

However the hunting will increase. People who want to hunt but cannot do so on Saturday can now hunt on Sunday and, yes, some people will hunt on both weekend days

My beef is with the land-owners who say they will stop giving permission to hunt if Sunday hunting is allowed. This short-sightedness will only harm both parities. First the farmer as he will have more animals harming his crops; and second, the hunters who now need to crowd another area. Ironic considering that that Sunday hunting is primarily to relive crowded hunting conditions.

When you give permission you can give permission with limits. Giving permission is not always carte-blanche.

July 16, 2011

No, I am not dead.

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However in the last two weeks I have had two days where I sleep 14 hours straight.

This week I had a mostly normal sleep schedule, so the raccoon eyes are almost gone.

Update to add: The reason being that I work nights and morning meetings and appointments results in 4-5 hours of sleep some nights.

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