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June 13, 2011

“Irish” Sushi

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This weekend I went to a local “Irish” Festival.
In addition to the regular carnival foods, one vender had sushi.

So there I was with my girlfriend, in the rain, eating sushi while bathed in the city lights, here in the middle of Ohio.

It was a wonderful night and I enjoyed every minute of it.


You can keep the flying cars; the future is pretty cool.

June 11, 2011

Like a gun, a word is neither good nor bad.

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Like a gun, a word is neither good nor bad.

It only matters how you use it.

Breda shared a nice moment from a friendly gathering.

Short story, the comments had a confused one mistaking an in-joke and claiming [paraphrased] “I thought you hated that word!!!!”

It is best not to make assumptions, unless you can see past the obvious.

Just because people do not like how a thing is used does NOT mean they not like like the thing.

I recommend everyone read up on Logical Fallacies if you plan on hanging out on the internet for long.  (Especially if you plan to correct others)


June 8, 2011

Steampunk’s appeal

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George Hill had question about Steampunk. My “quick” answer went a little long, but while I cannot explain everyone desires I can offer an opinion of the basic appeal of the Steam Punk genre.

If you could choose, What kind of world would you want to live in?


A key idea behind Steampunk is asking What if we had today’s understanding of physics then?

One of the reasons for steampunk’s appeal is that so much sci-fi is getting lame. Psychic powers and gizmos and computers (magic and talismans and oracles) have turned too much science fiction in to Fantasy in Outer Space. Seems everyone is trying to trump the Jedi concept, even the guy who made the Jedi concept.

The drama grows false. If you put the characters into an impossible situation, just miracle them out! Only, the answer was always there, it’s just that we, the audience, didn’t know about it.

Give us a world where the heroes win by their guts and wits, not by gadgets and spoon fed answers.

Where the problems happen in real life, that we can directly relate to, and where the solutions are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

What’s the appeal?

It’s a bit like the appeal of the 1911.

Metal, not plastic. Science and tech in your hand but without computers. Old world charm and class, not built for the lowest common denominator or production efficiency, but still functional and highly effective.

You can make it yourself, you can fix it yourself; no bankrupt mentality of if it breaks you throw it out and by a new one from some factory.

The clothes of steampunk? They show a self-respect. You take time and care to dress yourself. You suggest rather than flaunt. Or you suggest a lot and flaunt a little. (Or you suggest that you like to flaunt, when the time is right…)

What if we could have yesteryear’s ethic but without societies bigotries? No discrimination but no political correctness either?

Men could be men and women could be women, and no one was blamed or held back for it?

Most people want to be normal but they also need to be independent and unique.

Sometimes you can’t do that enough in the modern world.

Would you like step into that other world?

As for the cosplayers? Maybe they just like to dress it up.

June 5, 2011

Daily wisdom

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“It is the mark of an instructed mind to rest satisfied with the degree of precision to which the nature of the subject admits and not to seek exactness when only an approximation of the truth is possible.” – Aristotle

June 3, 2011

Gun culture is for the old, but more for the young

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Fellow NE Ohio gunblogger Breda has a post up about the, well, I’ll let her words describe it.

I was going to comment on her blog but it morphed. so here it is.

Breda said:
“This is about whether or not potential new women shooters could possibly be put off by the “boys’ club” mentality of the gun culture.”

Actually I find the insular nature of gun culture is more about the people over 50 making gun culture more comfortable for people over 50 at the expense of the under-30 year old people.

See, the problem is not the passive exclusion of the under-30 crowd, it that the under-30 people are ANNOYED by the crap the 50+ guys do because they think is is “clever” or “with it”.

Think of it like country music.
Is you like country music, then you really, really like it. AND EVERYONE ONE ELSE HATES IT! IT IS LIKE READING CRAP PEOPLE TYPE IN all CAPS. (sorry, but I hope I made the point well)

You might like doing it, but no one else does.

I like John Wayne. But he’s dead; Get, Over, It.

Likewise, drop these damn foolish stereotypes. Unless you are actually a cowboy (on a ranch) or you are doing CASS type stuff….

DROP the western-themed and fake-country boy bullshit from your podcast, your blog, your website, your storefront (Hey, there’s an idea) and when you are carrying a gun.

The wannabe cowboy image disgusts people. People we need on our side.

And stop treating people with a “2” in front of their age as an accident waiting to happen or a moron (or both).

People learn responsibility and maturity though example. Be a good one.

And for the record, I’m in my 30’s and I’m the suburbanite son of a West-by-God-Virgina Redneck. (And if you must know, we are both Marines and both college educated)

Back on topic:

You know what Breda and Jeff Cooper have in common? They each became involved in guns, then taught one of their parents to shoot!

If someone is over 50 and not into guns, the bad news is we, as strangers, cannot reach them. If they are going to join gun culture, it is going to be via their kids 999 times out of 1000. The good news is we can reach the new generation, and they bring their families.

All the more reason we need make gun culture more appealing to the under-30 demographic.

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