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May 4, 2011

Sixty and six tenths pounds

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60.6 lbs

That is the weight of all the swag and catalogs I grabbed at the NRA convention.

I started Friday morning on the lower floor with the smaller display area. When I finished I went to Craig Boddington’s seminar at 2pm. It lasted until 4:30 pm and the building closed at 6. I had an hour and a half to realize the upper floor was more than I could cover an Saturday. And I wouldn’t be there on Sunday.

My idea, once I figured I would not have the chance to cover everything at the four acres of displays, was to cover the whole floor and gather as many catalogs as possible. This way I would have beau coup reference material for afterwards.

Bonus; I would get a quick once over of all the vendor displays.

Good plan. It didn’t work. First there was too much to go though. I made a good start that first afternoon but not good enough. The following morning took longer than I planned.

I did, however, make mental notes of what displays I wanted to return to and focus on. This was the actually the main goal of this plan.

There just wasn’t enough time.

Lunch took too long and I wasted my time looking at protesters. However, hanging out with gunbloggers and going the the 1911 seminar where, in and of themselves, worth the trip to Pittsburgh.

The real time killer was going back and forth revisiting displays, remembering what I wanted to revisit, and then trying to find the smaller ones.

And, of course, I missed plenty on good displays my first time though. If a large display on my right had my attention I would miss a small booth on my left.

Next time, I’ll have a schedule. I’ll allocate so much time for different parts of the convention. You really can’t plan for these things because the unexpected stuff it want the trip is all about.

But I will be more organized for the next one. I might have a backpack as well.

At least I can still use the catalogs to feed future blog posts.

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