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March 20, 2011

M1911 History, on this day 20 March 1911

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On 20th March 1911 the report on the Army Pistol Test was submitted.

The report read, in part:

“…Of the two pistols, the Board is of the opinion that the Colt’s is superior, because it is more reliable, the more enduring, the more easily disassembled, when there are broken parts to be replaced, and the more accurate…”

“…The Board therefore recommends that the Colt Caliber .45 Automatic Pistol of the design submitted to the Board for test be adopted for use by foot and mounted troop in the Military service in consequence of its marked superiority to the present service revolvers, and to any other known pistol, of its extreme reliability and endurance and of its fulfillment of all essential requirements…”

They Commanding Officer of Springfield Armory (then a federal asset) would concur on 23 March 1911. the chief of Ordinance and the General staff followed.

The next major date in M1911 history with be 29th March 1911, when the Secretary of War approves.

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