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March 15, 2011

M1911 History, on this day 15 March 1911

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On this day in 1911 history…

As per the orders of 03 March, on the 15th of March 1911 the Colt and Savage companies sent people to test their products before the Army. This was the trial to determine what the next generation of Military sidearm would be.

Colt had 6 examples of the 1911 pistol completed. A sample (of at least two guns) was present and was shown and the features, and improvements over previous models, explained.

The examination began with disassembling of the guns, both field and detail, followed by velocity, accuracy, and rapid fire tests. The Colt was found superior to the Savage in handling. However, the 45 caliber “Rimless Smokeless” ammo, standardized for both guns was faster in the Savage entry. The speed was 849 fps vs the 828fps for the Colt.

The most famous part of this trial is the endurance test. 6000 rounds though each gun. 100 fired followed by a five minute break to cool down. After each 1000 shots the pistols where lubed and checked.

Results: The Colt had zero malfunctions and no defective parts. The Savage had 39 malf’s total and several broken parts.

Afterward, tests were run with cartridges with thin primers, as well as over and under-loaded rounds.

The Colt frame had four small cracks at trial’s end. One at the front edge of the rails, one above the rear slide lock hole, and two in the grip.

The report was stated on March 20th 1911 selecting the Colt /Browning design.

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