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March 12, 2011

Japan earthquake

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In 2004, I visited Japan. I traveled to three of the four major islands and the farthest north I made it was just beyond Sendai.

At 2:46pm local time on 11 March 2011 a magnitude 9.0 quake hit just off the coast of Sendai. 10,000 people are as of yet uncounted for.

This is the fifth largest quake on record. Number four was in 1952 at Kamchatka Peninsula which is the part of Russia just north of Japan.

Aftershocks of the recent quake are at least 7.0 magnitude. Tokyo, which is about half a nation away felt 5.0 magnitude effects from the first quake.

The epicenter was at sea. So a Tsunami was formed. Waves are reported to have gone 6 miles inland. They were 33 ft high

I visited Matsushima Bay

One of the three most scenic places in Japan . It is a bay of beautiful little islands.

How does a place like that survive 33 foot waves of Tsunami?

How do the people survive?

I visited in fall. I remember a nice little old lady helping me, in English no less, find good places to take photographs. I still remember her voice telling me about the “Beautiful colors” of the trees.

I remember I young woman who worked in Sendai at the tourist center. She bend over backwards to help me not get lost on use the most of my remaining vacation time. I sent her a disk with the Matsushima photos on it.

The Japanese people where always nice. Cheerful to help a foreigner, even a US Marine, see their country as the beautiful place it is.

It was on overcast sky that day. A light rain made everything wet.

I wonder what’s left. I wonder who is left.

I Hope they are ok.


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