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March 11, 2011

Ayn Rand vs Hollywood

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Ok, so I had a nice conversation about Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Hollywood, Why celebs need attention, why hollyweird hates Ayn Rand and Charlie Sheen.

First, Hollywood doesn’t like Ayn Rand.  It took too long and too much effort for a best-selling book to become a movie.  And people inside Hollywood note that the author of Atlas Shrugged, and her ideas, are none too popular.

And for  good reason, Hollywood works on the idea of Celebrity!  The more attention the big players get the more money they make, the more money, the more attention, etc, etc, etc.  Which makes celebrities a good investment.

Now you might be tempted to think this is the part Mr. Sheen comes in.  NOPE.  In fact don’t even worry about him in this case.  His antics are more…well that’s for latter.

Do think about sex tapes.  How many nobodies become celebrity material after a sex tape went viral?

Short story: they’re all attention whores.  Big surprise.

Why the hatred for Ayn Rand?

Really this has more to do with the book and movie The Fountainhead.  The hero, played by Gary Cooper, when speaking with  the gloating villain, said villain bragged; “I know what you must think of me…”

“I don’t.”

The hero said that not missing a beat, not even a pause for a breath of air.

That is eth world Rand pictures.  I world of Individuals.  And a true individual doesn’t care what other people think.

Nor to they invest in the fake drama of other people’s lives.

Could you imagine a world full of individuals?  The collectivists, the statists would go nuts.  They lose the mod mentality that lets the few rule the many.  No more manufactured crises by exploiting emotions.

And no one will care what celebs think, or do, or sleep with.  In other words, fame becomes LESS important than talent.

That is why Hollywood so dreadfully avoids Ayn Rand.


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