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March 10, 2011

Northern Lights in Ohio, another maybe

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As I blogged about before, Five years ago NASA was predicting a record Solar Max. Then they revised the numbers that we would have a rather low year. So instead of the Northern Lights spreading as far south as the Mediterranean sea, the lights will be bland and limited to the far north.

However, last month(Feb) the sun kicked out a solar flare which was the strongest in fours years. Another heavy hitter was pumped out on the 9th of March and may hit the Earth. If the skies are clear and the time is right (after sunset, natch) some people are in for a light show.

Via Fox ?News:

“This flare could make the Northern Lights visible as far south as Washington State, central Idaho, northern Wyoming, the Dakotas and east to Chicago, Detroit, NYC and Boston,” explains’s skywatching columnist Joe Rao.

New York City is at 40 North latitude or about as far north as central Ohio. So if NYC has fancy lights so will my neck of the woods. But the weather seems to be a deal killer.

So recently the sun has been busy. With major events on February 14, February 24, March 7 and March 9.

The DoomSingers are worrying about what this means to our technological lifestyle (gag)

But if this is a semi-regular event, then eventually the Northern Lights should spread far enough south.

Looks to be an interesting year.


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