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March 8, 2011

I’m beginning to think computers hate me.

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I know that’s not possible possible but still…

I bought an EPC last year to blog on. It had a jank OS. Some form of bare bones Linux and no word processor and spreadsheet. Installing programs was like pulling teeth, if you could find them.

Then I tried Jolicloud.

Hint, if you built an OS that is “Optimized” for EPC’s with 4 gig ram drives, you might want to make said OS smaller than almost 3 gigs installed. OK?

And deleting temp files at shutdown would be nice. I can dream. But having a low disk space warning due to a gigabyte of temp files, when you have no idea where they are, is not user friendly.

Jolicloud is built to use the net for it’s apps. So your box is useless without WI-fi. I have no internet outside my home so it is not really a good fit for me. Not the fault of the OS. It is lame how you can’t install programs like a decent Linux but instead have to install “apps” via the OS and download from “their” server. Yet one day when I connected to my home network, and before I updated anything, the OS blanked my desktop (whatever they call it) and it went all wonky. Ok, so I’ll just reinstall the OS on top of itself… No, it won’t let you.


The word processor I installed (previously) however needs internet access to spell check docs. Well that is about useless. One advantage (supposedly of an EPC over a smart phone is with the epc you can work offline, save your stuff, and then hook up to the net when convenient (read: Cheap), upload/download what you want and finish working offline as need be.

Whatever made the OS go wonky made the netbook unable to connect to the net.


Even my computer genius friend declared it, to quote Firefly, “Humped.”

I looked at other Linux flavors and…. I’ve not heard enough good news. I’m going to Windows 7. Should have the money next pay.

It was a good deal, but in hindsight I should have bought the 160 HDD window box but… This was supposed to be a simply little interface for a little bit of typing. I neither needed nor wanted extra crap I was not going to use.

Actually no, in hindsight the best option was to wait six months and by a laptop/notebook for $400 that had a decent keyboard.


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