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March 6, 2011

Latitude Trivia and Lights in the Sky

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Did you know that the northern most point of Ohio is South of the southern most point in mainland France? Both are about 42 degrees latitude.
Ohio’s northern most point is at 42°19′37.59″N latitude.
France’s southern most point is 42°20′N latitude.

Ohio’s southern most point is 38°24′11.76″N latitude. (0°is the equator and 90° is the North Pole)

And one degree is 60 Nautical Miles, or about 69 Statue (normal) miles.

So Ohio is one mile “farther south” that France. (Which is different then being one mile south of France, because we’re not, we’re on the other side of the planet.)

Also because Europe does not run directly east-west like some books imply, Madrid is farther south than Rome.
Madrid is at 40° 24′ 0″ N
While Rome is at Latitude: 41°54′N

Latitudes for some major Ohio cities:
Cleveland 41° 28′
Columbus 40° 00′
Cincinnati 39° 08′

In other words Rome and Cleveland are about the same distance from the north pole.

Why Do I care? Because the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) were visible in Rome back in 1958 due to an unusually large Solar Maximum [wiki].

Well I HEARD we were due for an equally large SolarMax in 2011…

But NASA updated their info and now say the Solar Maximum will be in 2013 and be a record low!

How to you screw up a prediction that bad?


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