Ambivalent Skeptic

January 23, 2011


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Just to remind people:

An opinion based on facts is still an opinion! It may be an informed opinion, but it is still an opinion.

I like it when people have strong opinions. I equally dislike it when someone with strong opinions takes offense that other people have different opinions.


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  1. I would not let this upset you. People disagree. Your statement of “opinion” is not too far off but if you think it out, it’s really agreeing with those who say that facts are more desirable than opinion. The more facts, the better the opinion. Right?
    It’s really the same thing your saying and they (and I)are saying.
    There are just too many “experts” on forums and websites who are talking out their a** and have NO direct experience or that experience is limited to one or two guns. They read a couple articles or a few disgruntled forum posts and…bingo! They know the real scoop! (Not)
    I have been reading gun magazines for forty years now and much of what they told me was BS. Some was true but much was calculated to sell me a new gun.
    I also love good acoustic guitars and have owned several Martins. Even Martin has had it’s bad days when they let quality slip (in the seventies) and yet mostly they still made great guitars most of the time. On the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum someone will on occasion get a lemon and scream about it but this is not the truth for all Martins. Nor was it in the 70’s when this was a problem. I think this holds for Kimber or any other brand. Or any kind of 1911.
    Consider what you really KNOW and what you believe you know. In philosophy this relates to the whole debate on how you know anything. Or, if you took Phil. 101 you heard about Plato’s cave. If not, look it up. As you get older, what you know shrinks. Trust me on that one. Cheers

    Comment by Scoutks — January 23, 2011 @ 12:35 pm | Reply

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