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January 5, 2011

Future outline

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Fellow Ohio blogger Breda and blogger-I’ve-met NJT have mentioned their interest in acquiring new guns. I’ve also been thinking about writing a post as a buyer’s guide for people who want a 1911 but don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. A way of buying an entry level gun you can fit to yourself before (or instead of) buying a fancy feature-laden 1911. NJT posted he wanted a Commander (4.25” barrel) model. That ups the price floor despite, or because of, the smaller size, but the trade off is a much easier to carry platform.

The more I think about though, those post will have wait. Before I’m comfortable discussing the guns, it would help to cover the history of modern metallic cartridges. History fascinates me not only with its myriad lessons and volumes of knowledge but with how one can link so many items from the past to the present together. Basically you can trace the history of revolver cartridges from the 44 Henry all the way to the S&W mega mags and semi-auto rounds delineate from John Moses Browning’s 38 auto to the 10mm.

These will lead up to the Obligatory 1911 History post (wish me luck) and then ideas about buying your first 1911. By breaking them up I can forgo tangent background info and readers can choose their own level of involvement.

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