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December 10, 2010

Mini keyboards, big hands and blogging

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…Just don’t go work together.

I am serious fuming at my epc right now. The keyboard is too small but I knew that going in. I can deal with that for short posts.

The difficultly is that I can’t type with all ten fingers so the thumbs have to stay out of the way and I’m stuck looking at the keyboard while using, mostly, three fingers on each hand. I compensate by looking at the screen when I finish a sentence, rather than as I’m typing.

This is awkward but, again, I can deal.

No.  The problem, the trouble, the bane of trying to type anything readable on this frigg’in slag of a computer are the keys.

The keys have a little bit of feed back in that they “push back” when one types. The push back effect happens at about halfway down. The screen however doesn’t read bupkis unless I bottom out the keys. You can see where this going. Not to mention that it is hardly comfortable to slam the keyboard with my fingers. And since I wear a size 11 XXL glove, yeah, I hit multiple keys sometimes.

So Fuming is fming, keyboard is eyboard, all is alll, and readable is rwadable (because “w” is next to the the “e” key)

Seriously I spend more time fixing my writing once I get home then I do actually writing! Of course, Once I am home the thoughts are either out of my head or it is time to go to sleep.


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