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November 9, 2010


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Clint’s Rules

1 Do nothing counter-productive.

2 Do not complain about a problem unless you are part of the solution.

3 Do not tell people they are wrong without telling them how to be right!

I came up with these rules when I was sixteen (has it been that long). They’ve been revised a bit in wording and they still hold true. Basically one day I learned that maturity does not come with age but with experience. Two problems developed. First, not everyone learns from their experiences. Second, maturity develops with the right experiences. Sadly, it was too many years later when I learned that last part.

In my young life I was frustrated by people, who should know better, whining. These are the poor fools who never tell you what or how to do something,…until you do it wrong! Too many pessimists raining on everyone’s parade. Which is ironic because a pessimist is usually a failed or fallen opportunist who realized: no, the world isn’t perfect and it neither goes your way nor revolves around you. Then there were (and still are) those among us who live with a wait-and-see attitude until it is too late to do anything. A decision-by-default lifestyle, they choose Nothing by not choosing. And then complain about the lack of Choices!

And the older I become the more I realize that the “Adult World” or “real world” would be a better place if grown ups just stopped acting like children.

Now think of all the problems in your life, at work , at home, with your family, with friends…

Don’t forget the internet…

Now if you, and everyone around you just followed these three simple rules…

No, your life will not be perfect, but wouldn’t it be a little better

…for everyone?

UPDATE: My rules are now called my guidelines.


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