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November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

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Well, more of a brought-it-home day. Today is the anniversary of buying my first gun.

It’s a SW1911PD. I bought it one month after getting my CCW/CHL which was 3.5 years after joining the NRA. No one ever said I was conventional.

I’ve known since I was in high school, maybe before, that I wanted my first gun to be either a 1911 or an N-frame S&W. While in the USMC there was no hurry to buy a gun because POF (personally owned firearms) were not allowed in the barracks. They have to be stored in the armory (which had bankers hours). The plan, when I was still considering being a “lifer”, was to wait until I finished a degree and went OCS or until I made Sgt and could live off base. Long story short, I never made officer candidate school and I had no desire to be enlisted for 20 years. So as a civvie, once I got back into college I took the training and applied for the carry license. Meanwhile Smith and Wesson decided to make 1911’s because, why not, every one else was. S&W had even been making parts and frames for the other guys.

A funny thing about this was how I went about avoiding hype or glamour. I was not going to buy a gun “just because” it was “cool.”

Everything had to have a purpose.  Asking “What does it do and how well does it do it?” was some of the best advice I’ve been given.

I even questioned the Novak sights. Why does the rear sight have a slant in front? That doesn’t help on the draw and when would I need to “speed re-holster”?

I shot as many different guns as I could borrow; I rented 9’s, 40’s and 45’s from the local range. I keep coming back to John M. Browning’s 1911.

The S&W was the right combo of price, quality, and “useful” features while still lacking many “frills.”

Here it is today.

It’s been “personal-ized” rather that customized and the finish is a little worn. Just the way I like it…


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