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October 21, 2010

The First Step…

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…is always the weirdest.

I’m your host Clint and, for now, I’m the Ambivalent Skeptic.  This will be a Gun Blog but all topics are up for grabs.

A little about the name.

Ambivalence has an original proper meaning of having contradictory feelings about something.  An example would be if you best friend received a promotion at work, a promotion you wanted.  You feel good for your friend, and bad that you didn’t get it.

More here:

In short, ambivalence is where a human being can have more that one way of thinking/feeling/ looking at anything.  This seems key to my life’s philosophy currently.  I can approve and disapprove of something at the same time. (“Politics” is a good example for many people.)

Many people think ambivalence is about not caring.  However it is really about caring is different ways at the same time.

A Skeptic is NOT a cynic!  Cynics look at how everything is flawed, which is negative and easy because we live in an imperfect world.  Skeptics, on the other hand,  question and doubt anything that hasn’t been properly explained.

Myth Busters and Penn And Teller are skeptics.   They do not try to prove everyone else wrong, they look for what is and is not true.  They just do not sugar coat things they disagree with.

It is about critical thinking; not believing something simply because others what you to believe it.

I am a skeptic because I will not believe you “just because” you say you are right, but only if you can explain Why and How you are right.

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